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100% Placement Guarantee
7 Months Live Course
1 - 1 Mentorship support

Data Science & Machine Learning Course highlights

100% Placement Guarantee

100% Placement Assistance

7 Months Live Course

7 Months Live Course

1 - 1 Mentorship support

1 - 1 Mentorship support

Learn & Earn Community access

Learn & Earn Community access

Outcome Based Learning

Outcome Based Learning

Insights from Industry Expert

Insights from Industry Experts

Project based learning

Project based learning

Recruitment Training

Recruitment Training

Outcome Based Learning

We at Skill Safari religiously believes in the principles of outcome based learning.

5 Principles of Outcome based learning

Collaborative Learning

Where students have the opportunity to talk and learn with their peers and industry experts.

Real-Time Learning

As our sessions are live, students can contribute their ideas and opinions in each session effectively.

Goal Based Learning

As our sessions are live, students can contribute their ideas and opinions in each session effectively.


We also track quality measures and analyze performance indicators that meet the needs of companies.


Students are exposed to industry wide experts, allowing them to create a strong network.

How does Skill Safari’s Data Science & Machine Learning Program works:

  • Admission

    Get enrolled in our Data Science and Machine Learning experts program and start skilling up

  • Get Training

    Here, you will be having 2 phases

    • Technical Training

      Get best-in-class quality training from our industrial experts. And also, you will be working on with real time project.

    • Recruitment Essential Training

      Hearing this word, come toi our mind is communication enhancement, soft skill training, interpersonal skill training. Apart from this we skill safari provide training like analytical approach, thinking out og the box, decision making, attention to detail and most importantly story telling.

  • Project Completion

    After completion of each modules,you will be assigned with some tasks,projects and assessments.So,It should be completed then and there.It is very important to move your profile for further process.

  • Certification

    After completion of your projects successfully,you will be eligible for our certification.As,Skill Safari is a Authorised partner of IABAC,you will also be eligible for getting IABAC Certificate,after completion of the exam.

  • Placement

    Our corporate relation team will schedule the interviews in different companies. you can attend and crack the interview with the minimum package of 4 LPA to 20 LPA.

Data Science & Machine Learning Curriculum

Week 1 - 4 - Introduction to Data Analysis

Who is a Data Scientist, Opportunities in the industry of Data, Business analysis with Excel, Basics and Advanced Excel Functions, Pivots and Charts in Excel

Week 5 - 7 - SQL for Data Analysis

Introduction to Structured Query Language, SQL lite installation, Data Definition Commands, Data manipulation command, Basics of Database Rules

Week 8 - 10 - Statistics and Probability

Central tendency, Variability, Hypothesis testing, ANOVA, Correlation, Regression, Probability definitions and notations, Joint probabilities, The sum rule, Conditional probability

Week 11 - 20 - Python for Data Analysis

Python variables, data types, and keywords, Mathematical Computing using Nympy, Data Manipulation using Pandas, Data Visualisation using Matplotlib, Exploratory Data Analysis using Python and Python Libraries

Week 21 - 23 - Data Visualisation using Power BI

Why Power BI?, Introduction to Power BI and its Products, Data Loading process (Extract v/s Live), Basic Functions (Aggregate, String, Date etc.) and Charts (Bar, Pie, Line, Combo etc.)

Week 24 - 26 - Machine Learning with Python

Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Logistic regression, Decision tree, Confusion Matrix, Random Forest, SVM, XGBoost, Dimensionality Reduction

Week 27-28 - Project and Placement Preparation

Analyzing the Trends of COVID-19 with Python, Analyzing the Naming Trends Using Python, Netflix Recommendation System, Visualizing and Analyzing the Customer Churn Dataset Using Python

Data Science and Machine Learning Experts Course Fees

Online Program Fees

Rs 80,000/-
₹40,000 + GST

  • EMI options are available with 0% interest

  • 3,6,9 Months based on CIBIL Score
Offline Program Fees

Rs 1,30,000/-
₹65,000 + GST

  • EMI options are available with 0% interest

  • 3,6,9 Months based on CIBIL Score

Only few slots left, So Enroll now to grab this opportunity

Get Certified

After completion of all projects & tasks, you will getting a certificate of Data Science and Machine Learning

Skill Safari certificate

Get IABAC Certified

Skill Safari certificate

And the interesting thing over here is : After completion of this course successfully, you will be eligible for the exam which is conducted by IABAC.

Hiring Partners

GLobal Logic
Elhaa Technologies
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Hear from Our Students

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People who are passionate and motivated and want to finish a rigorous 6-month Data Science Course are eligible. This includes MBA/MCA graduates as well as graduates with backgrounds in engineering or the arts.

Data scientists are skilled analysts who combine their knowledge of social science and technology to spot trends and manage data efficiently.

Data Scientists/Analysts empower business leaders/executives to make informed decisions based on data, a critical component of business operation and growth.

Data scientists need the following essential skills:

  • Statistics knowledge
  • R/Python programming language proficiency in at least one area.
  • Possessing Knowledge of Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading.
  • Data exploration and wrangling expertise.
  • Expertise with machine learning algorithms.
  • Expertise in Deep Learning, an advanced machine learning technique.
  • A working knowledge of big data processing frameworks.
  • Data visualisation skills.

Big Data refers to large amounts of structured or unstructured data, whereas analytics is concerned with turning knowledge into strategies that can be put into practice.

The toolkit comes with all the necessary programs and libraries to complete tasks. Even for those who are unfamiliar with mathematics, understanding concepts and applying algorithms are crucial. .

Python provides efficient results for high-quality data analysis thanks to its enriched libraries like Pandas.

Data scientists are included in the broader category of computer and information research scientists, according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. Between 2018 and 2028, employment in this field is expected to increase by 16%.

While having a degree gives you more credibility, having a solid portfolio of well-done projects is frequently regarded as a viable alternative.

The average annual salary for data scientists in India is 9.2 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.7 lakhs to 25.0 lakhs

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