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Welcome to Alchemyst
Full Stack Development Program.

We have made a comprehensive and holistic curriculum and industry stimulated learning pedagogy. You will learn from basics of web development to its application with the steep learning curve. You will learn all nooks of web development with help of collaborative and industry driven projects. Take a look at our generic curriculum below. If you want a detailed course schematic of the course, Click here.

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Comprehensive 8-Month Long Curriculum


  • Module 0:Skill Safari Orientation Program

Fundamentals of Programming   (6 Weeks)

  • Module 1:Internet and how it works?
  • Module 2:Introduction to Programming
  • Module 3:Python Fundamentals
  • Module 4:OOPS, Data Structures and Algorithms

Web Development Fundamentals  (4 Weeks)

  • Module 5:HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • Module 6:Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Module 7:Modern JavaScript and DOM Manipulation
  • Module 8:GIT, GIThub and Version Control

Front End Web Development  (6 Weeks)

  • Module 9:Fundamentals of Responsive Web Design
  • Module 10: Bootstrap 4
  • Module 11: Ajax and Jquery
  • Module 12: React.js with Redux

BackEnd Web Development   (8 Weeks)

  • Module 13:Node.js & Package Managers
  • Module 14:Python Django basics
  • Module 15:Express.js
  • Module 16:Introduction to REST API's
  • Module 17:NoSQL Databases - MongoDB
  • Module 18:SQL Databases - Postgresql

DevOps Engineering & Hosting  (3 Weeks)

  • Module 19:Basics of DevOps Engineering
  • Module 20:Deplyoing your Projects in AWS and Heroku

Grooming and Interview Preparation   (4 Weeks)

  • Project Reviews:Expert reviews on Projects Completed
  • Placement Prepation:Basic Aptitude training
  • Placement Preperation Tests
  • 10 Peer based Mock Interviews

Technologies / Softwares Covered


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this course?
Anyone who is passionate about learning Full Stack Development. Engineering graduated specialized in CS/IT/ECE/EEE and BCA/MCA Graduates.
What will be asked in the Admission Test?
Basic Aptitude: We will check if you have the urge to learn new things and have a decent hold on written communication. The test will also cover Pattern Recognition and Logical Reasoning.
Who is a Full-stack developer?
A person who knows to develop both frontend and backend portion of an application.
Why companies hire a full-stack developer?
A full-stack developer can help with the whole design structure and he also knows to provide input on any levels as need be. A person who knows to develop both frontend and backend portion of an application
What are the skill sets of a full-stack developer?
A full-stack developer major with front-end technology development languages and should know at least one server-side programming language, basic design ability, server management, version control system (VCS), and knowledge of web services or API.
How does a full-stack developer involve in a project?
A full-stack developer will give architecture and implementation from user requirements coordinating with the client. Writes front-end and back-end code for the application. Monitors the performance and creates test codes. Troubleshoot the application with a fast and accurate resolution.
What are the essential front-end technologies for a full-stack developer?
HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are essential front-end languages. The knowledge of third party libraries like jQuery, LESS, Angular and React JS is desirable.
What are the essential development languages for a full-stack developer?
A full-stack developer doesn’t want to know all the programming languages. Knowing at least one server-side programming language like Python, JavaScript, ruby, etc.
What does our full-stack developer program teach you?
The full-stack developer program enables you to build an interactive and responsive application using both front-end and back-end technologies. It covers Javascript, jQuery essentials, and guides you to build a remarkable user interface via Angular or React JS. Also, it provides knowledge to test and deploy code and store data using Mongo DB.
How can you become a full-stack developer?
  • Start learning the necessary programming languages HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, JAVA, Python, or SQL.
  • Start practicing it from the base by applying the concepts which rather improve coding skills.
  • Master in any one language and understand the rest that’s good enough.
  • Upskill with online or virtual courses to remain relevant.
  • Work on with assignments, give a try to new projects.
  • As hard as you do all these, you become a successful full-stack developer.