Robotic Process Automation Developer Program

Become a Robotic Process Automation Developer. An end to end course that covers all you need to know with real-time projects.

48% increase in demand for RPA tools and developers as businesses resume after Covid-19

RPA will enable you to build sophisticated software robots to automate high energy and time-consuming process.

Program Structure

Duration: 3 weeks

Total Hours: 25+ Hours

Course Fee:Rs. 499 /- only

# Coding knowledge is not mandatory.

# Will need a good computer with an internet connection

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Streamline and Process Optimization

Having a highly effective process is mandatory for efficient work-flow. In this part, you will learn how to design and optimize a process.

Building the RPA logic

Before building an actual robot, it is mandatory to design an efficient logic or process chart. This process chart will act as your guide during the actual development process.

RPA Implementation

You will learn how to implement a robot that you designed and developed. You will learn how to identify bottlenecks in the process and work on making the process even better.

Testing the automated process

Each process will have a KPI. Here you will learn how to test the robot to check if it is meeting the required KPI. Testing is one of the major steps involved in RPA.

Pricing and Registration

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Total program fee

Rs. 499 /- Only

Batch Starts from 2nd November 2020

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Product development

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Some of the most frequently asked questions

This program does not require coding knowledge. All though, knowing the basics of coding will be an added advantage.
Yes, this program is open for all, If you are ready to spend 1 to 2 hours every day, then you are all set.
You will get your certificate after completing all your live classes and projects.
All the classes are scheduled to happen outside the college hours.
Each student will be assigned a mentor. The student can get in touch with the mentor via WhatsApp, Email, Phone call. The mentor will make sure that your doubts are cleared.
You will be provided with the link to the session recording. In case you miss the class, you can refer to that recording. For further doubts, you can connect with your mentor.
You will have a live session every day except Saturday and Sunday.