Terms and conditions

Skill Safari is an E-Learning platform that focuses on providing various skill enhancement training modules by understanding the latest technology and industry requirements. It is registered as Edukeys Services Private Limited which is headquartered in 18/19,Dr.Jaganathan nagar,Coimbatore medical college, opp. COIMBATORE, Tamil Nadu 641014. Skill safari (hereafter referred to as "we", "us", "our") provides online course, Live demo, online doubt clearing sessions who have or who will enrol in such course(s) we provide. Our services are accessible at www.skillsafari.com and any other websites we provide and applications for mobile and any other smart devices.

By accessing or using the Site, Application or Services or by downloading or posting any content from or on the Site or through the Application, you would be indicating that you have read and that you understand and agreed to our terms and conditions and receive our Services, whether or not you have registered with the Site and/or Application.

If you do not agree to our Terms and conditions you have no right to access or use the site, or the service we provide. So please read our Terms and Conditions before using or accessing the site, application, or service or downloading or posting from, on, or about this site, as it may affect our legal rights, remedies, and obligations. The terms and conditions are strictly bound between the user who is accessing the site or application and Skill Safari.

Certain words that were ever used in the Terms and conditions, as well as the site or application, may have the meanings as described here,

  • "Course(s)" are the educational course that is provided by Skill Safari which is on the website or application
  • "Course Fees" is the amount of money we charge or due and payable by a student for enrolment of a course.
  • "Content" are the text, images, videos, music, software, information, and any other study materials that are provided by Skill Safari or a member that are uploaded, posted, published, listed from their personal Skill Safari account.
  • "Member" is a person who completes Skill Safari account registration process and creates a personal Skill Safari Account.
  • "Payment Method" is the method of payment that you can select from your Skill Safari account such as credit card, debit card, or net banking, etc,.
  • "Student" is a member who enrols for the course(s) provided by Skill Safari on the site or application
  • "Tax" means any sales taxes, value-added taxes (VAT), goods and services taxes (GST), service tax, that Skill Safari may be required to collect and remit to governmental agencies, and other similar municipal, state, federal and national indirect or other withholding and personal or corporate income taxes.
  • "Teacher" or "Instructor" is a member who is selected by Skill Safari to provide services to the students through the site or application.

Terms of service:

By using our site, application, or services, you agree to the terms and conditions of Skill Safari and be legally bound to it, whether you are a registered member or not. These terms and conditions outline the rules and the regulations for the use of Skill Safari and our website www.skillsafari.com and the application. The user further accepts to allow Skill Safari to contact them through call or message for providing information on new products based on your interests and will not be subjected to DND regulations.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of Skill Safari you are not allowed to use or have no right to access or use the site, application or services, or download, upload or any content related to Skill Safari. If failing to use our website, application or services according to our terms and conditions may subject to legal liabilities.

GDPR compliance statement

Skill Safari, a child company of EduKeys Services Private Limited complies to the EU General Data Protection Regulations and the key factors in the statement are as follows,

Consent - We will clearly explain to you for what you are consenting with and we expect you to consent for us to contact you.

Breach alert - We will inform or alert the users in the event of a breach of any kind within 48 hours of knowing the breach

Right to access - Members, as well as users, can request confirmation if their personal data is being processed in any form misleading the terms and conditions and can request confirmation of where and when their personal data is being processed and we will provide a soft copy of the processing of your personal data.

Eligibility - we strictly monitor the users of our site, application or services, as persons who are considered to form legally binding contracts under Indian laws are allowed to access our site, application or service i.e. a person whose age is 18 and above. If a user is below the age of 18 are not allowed to access the site, application or services instead your parent or guardian can create an account and can guide you to select and enrol to the course(s) that are appropriate to you. If a user is prohibited or termination of membership by Skill Safari for any reasons is not eligible to access or use the site, application, or our services. By accessing our Skill Safari site or application you are ensuring or providing a warranty that you are 18 years and above.

Usage of site or application - Skill Safari is an online platform which facilitates online course(s) which a person can enrol themselves for any course which is provided in the listings of the various online course(s). Users can view the listings of course(s) as an unregistered viewer and the one who wishes to enrol themselves for any course, they must first register and create a Skill Safari account.

Account Registration - To enrol for the online course(s) and to access certain features of the website or application you must register and have to create a Skill Safari account and become a member. You can directly register through the site or application as described. Otherwise, you can register or login to your account with some third party social networking sites, but limited to Facebook which is a third party account. As a part of registration, you may have to link your third party account with Skill Safari account either by providing the third party login details or allowing Skill Safari site or application to access your third party account, which comes under the terms and conditions that monitor the usage of your third party account.

You consent the disclosure of your third-party account login information or allow Skill Safari to access your third party account

Course listings – Skill Safari provides various online course(s) available for the viewers on the site or application and the details for each course including the subject, time slots, number of sessions, mode of conduct and the price and its payment terms. The rankings or ratings of the course(s) in the listings may depend on student’s ratings and reviews.

The student can view the course details, parameters and preferences which are available on the site or application, and once a student requests to enrol in a course we will not request the student to pay higher or lower the price mentioned in the site or application.

As a teacher, you are being limited as a member and an independent third-party contractor, and not as an employee, joint-venture, or an agent of Skill Safari. We do not monitor or control your offline activities, and as a member, you are agreeing not to create any false impressions on behalf of or for the benefit of Skill Safari, and not to misuse or inappropriately use the Intellectual property of Skill Safari.

Payment and refund terms – The course fees for every course will be displayed in the site or application. If any request for enrollment from any student from the site or application is received, we will either approve or reject the request of enrollment within 5 working days or less from the date of request. If the payment for the course is collected and we are unable to approve the request of enrollment, we will refund the amount to the concerned student. When we approve or confirm the enrollment of a student, we will notify them with an email, message, or message through email, which the student selected through the site or application.

Skill Safari ensures that if any cancellations of enrollment of any student the amount will not be refunded after any tuition are provided, and any amount collected before any tuitions are provided will be refunded to the concerned person.

You agree that the system generated invoice provided by Skill Safari to the student in relation to the course which the student has enrolled should be considered as Payment done. 

Cancellation Terms – A student is free to decide the cancellation of his confirmed enrollment made through the site or application, either during or after the commencement of the course(s), our cancellation terms will apply to that cancellation provided that no refund will be provided with respect to the tuition classes which are already provided. Skill Safari refunds the payment only if the request for cancellation of the enrollment is received before the commencement of course.

If Skill Safari cancels a confirmed enrollment made through the website or application, the course fees paid will be refunded to the concerned student with respect to the payment terms and will not exceed the total amount paid by the student.

Taxes – The member must understand that the concerned government agencies, departments or the Tax authorities where you are residing will require taxes to be collected for the course fees by Skill Safari and it must be remitted to the concerned authorities as a percentage of the course fees set by Skill Safari.

User Conduct – The member or viewer should understand and agree that you are solely responsible for compliance with any laws, obligations, rules and regulations which apply for the use of your site, application or services of Skill Safari. The don’ts for your usage of the site, application or service are as follows,

  1. Violate any city, state, country law, rules and regulations or any order of any court.
  2. Using any manual or automated methods, devices, software, scripts, backdoors or any processes to access, Scrape, duplicate, crawl, or spider any websites which is presented in Skill Safari site, application or Services.
  3. Use Skill Safari site or application for any commercial as well as other purposes that are not permitted by Skill Safari with respect to the Terms and conditions as it may lead to the false endorsement of the company.
  4. To copy, store or otherwise access the data and information present in the site or application for purposes which are not permitted by the Terms and Conditions of Skill Safari.
  5. Damage Skill Safari Site or application through the use of viruses, cancelbots, Trojan horses, harmful code, flood pings, denial-of-service attacks, backdoors, packet or IP spoofing, forged routing or electronic mail address information or similar methods or technology is strictly prohibited.
  6. Register more than one Skill Safari account or register more than one Skill Safari account on behalf of an individual other than yourself, except in case where the parent or guardian for its ward.
  7. Forge any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or in any way use the Site or application to send altered, deceptive or false source-identifying information of the company.

Intellectual Property Ownership and Rights:

The member acknowledges and agrees that the Skill Safari site services and application and its contents are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws are the exclusive property of Skill Safari and the company’s licensors. The trademarks, logos, trade name, and all other proprietary designations which are used in connection with Skill Safari site, application and services are registered trademark in India as well as Abroad. As a member, you understand and agree to be bound by Skill Safari’s Branding guidelines.


As a member, you understand that Skill Safari is not responsible for the accuracy of the links to other third party websites and recourse(s) provided in the site, application and services. The links to such websites and resources provided in the site, application or services do not imply any endorsement of Skill Safari.


You are at your sole risk for the choice of using the Skill Safari site, application or services. We provide no warranty regarding the quality of the listing of the course(s), teachers, students or the service, but we assure you that we will meet all your requirements or make us available on an interrupted manner.

You are at your sole risk for the choice of communicating and interacting with other members or users of the site, application or services. Skill Safari does not make any verification on the statements of the users and members. You hereby agree to take all the precautionary measures in all communications done to other users of the site or application as we don’t provide any representations or warranty of the conduct of the users or future users of the site, application or services.

Governing Jurisdiction:

These Terms and conditions, and your use of the Services will be reflected according to the laws of the Indian constitution excluding its rules on conflicts of laws. You and we agree to submit any dispute arising under these Terms to the personal jurisdiction of a court located in Coimbatore.

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