User Interface and User Experience Design Bootcamp

A crash course on how to designing the best User Interface and User Experience for mobile and web applications.

UI/UX Design skill is ranked as one of the highest in-demand skills in the world.

Learn how to use the complex tools used to build the User Interface and User Experience of mobile and web applications.

Program Structure

Duration: 1 week live sessions

Total Hours: 12+ Hours

Course Fee:Rs. 499 /- only

# No coding knowledge is needed.

# Knowing Frontend Development is an awesome advantage.

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Market Research and Case Study

Market research is perhaps one of the most important steps to build awesome design. In this section, you will learn how to understand the client's requirements and design a product accordingly. Multiple real-time case studies will be discussed to improve your skills.


Before building the design it is important to have a reference design. Wireframing is the process of sketching a rough draft of the design which you will use. You will understand the wireframing techniques to build be best User Interface and Experience.

Colour Theory

Learn how to use the appropriate colour combination to win user empathy. Colours play a very important role in building a highly scalable and usable product.

User Interface and User Experience Designing

You will learn how to build the UI of an application using Adobe XD. User Interface deals with content alignment, size, typography, animations and many more. This is where you will learn how to take the product to all new level.

Portfolio Challenges

After you are done with live sessions, you will be provided with 30 challenges to test your creativity skills and flex your muscles by building awesome designs which you can add to your portfolio.

Pricing and Registration

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Total program fee

Rs. 499 /- Only

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All live session

All the session will be live interactive sessions. Feel free to talk to us.

Access to the course library

Get access to our course library for future reference.


Keep juices in your brain flowing by working on our course challenges and assignments

Build your design portfolio

Build an awesome portfolio with the help of our subject matter experts


Doubts? No worries, you will have a dedicated mentor to help you.

Product development

Learn the basics of product development by working on real-time projects


Get a valuable course completion certificate after finishing the course.


The learning experience will blow your mind.

Some of the most frequently asked questions

This program does not require coding knowledge. All though, knowing the basics of Frontend Development will be an added advantage.
Yes, this program is open for all, If you are ready to spend 1 to 2 hours every day, then you are all set.
You will get your course completion certificate after completing all your live classes.
We know you are busy. So, all the classes will be scheduled outside your college hours.
All the classes are scheduled to happen outside the college hours.
Each student will be assigned a mentor. The student can get in touch with the mentor via Whatsapp, Email, Phone call. The mentor will make sure that your doubts are cleared.
You will be provided with the link to the session recording. In case you miss the class, you can refer to that recording. For further doubts, you can connect with your mentor.
You will have a live session every day except Saturday and Sunday.